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Reshaping the Future of
Bike Parking Construction

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Greener cities, thriving communities.

Cities are embracing micromobility – bikes and e-bikes – for a greener future. But without a smart parking solution, widespread adoption gets parked. Our automatic bike parking systems solve this challenge, unlocking a more sustainable future for your city.

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Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise on Automated Parking System to multiple construction sectors, developing the full package of solution for transportation hub such as Metro Station, office building, high-density residential area

Deployment Options For Automatic Bike Parking System

Tranportation Hub

Public transportation hubs, such as subway entrances, often experience congestion due to random bicycle parking, which can occupy valuable road and green spaces. Optimizing land use is crucial in these areas.

Our innovative automatic bicycle parking system features a multi-entrance design that effectively addresses both the parking challenge and the uneven distribution of bicycle usage throughout the day.

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High-traffic locations

High-traffic locations like Central Business Districts (CBDs), office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and schools often lack safe and convenient bike parking. This discourages cycling and creates messy "random parking" that clogs streets. Our automatic system solves both problems by offering compact, secure storage for bikes.                  


 Residential Area

Limited parking availability and security concerns are major barriers to bicycle adoption in high-density residential areas. Our automatic bicycle parking system directly addresses these challenges. It efficiently utilizes space to maximize parking capacity, while also providing a secure environment that deters theft, ultimately encouraging a shift towards sustainable transportation.


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from the planning stage to post-construction facility management. You can count on the utmost professionalism in all that we do.

What We Provide


Flexible Design and

The core architecture and modules of our parking system can be installed either above or below ground. We understand that every installation site has unique requirements, so we offer customized designs that consider the specific conditions of your location. This ensures a smooth installation and optimal system performance, without compromising on core functionality.


Experienced Project

Drawing on our extensive experience in manufacturing and installation, we can provide comprehensive project management support to our clients. This includes overall project planning, design, construction, delivery, operation, and after-sales maintenance. With our expertise, even clients without prior experience can successfully launch and manage these projects.


Efficient Installation
and Commissioning

We understand that every installation site presents its own challenges. That's why we conduct a thorough evaluation of the surrounding environment, including geological conditions, climate, precipitation, and surrounding architectural style, to provide expert construction and installation recommendations.


Efficient Installation
and Commissioning

We take care of the installation of the structural and electronic components of the system. Working in collaboration with the on-site civil engineering team, we can typically complete the entire installation process within 1 month. This includes structural installation, installation of core functional modules, electrical equipment installation, and software system commissioning.


Comprehensive Training
and After-Sales Service

We offer 2 to 6 weeks of equipment operation training, covering a wide range of operational tasks such as equipment management, system configuration, system maintenance, system upgrades, equipment maintenance, component replacement, and emergency response. In addition, we provide a standard 10-year warranty and a 25-year extended warranty after-sales service to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.

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College Campus in Tianjin

Universities are facing a growing need for secure and convenient bicycle parking. Students, faculty, and staff are increasingly opting for cycling as a sustainable and healthy way to navigate campus. However, traditional bike racks are often overflowing, unsecured, and susceptible to theft.

Our innovative automated bicycle parking system offers a solution that addresses these challenges and promotes a more bike-friendly campus environment.


Metro Station in Chengdu

Integrating our automatic bicycle parking system next to Chengdu's subway entrances offers a win-win solution for cyclists and the city. Cyclists will benefit from secure, convenient parking, eliminating worries about theft or damage while using the subway. This encourages cycling as a healthy and environmentally friendly commute option. For the city, the system tackles the issue of indiscriminate bike parking, which can clutter sidewalks and impede pedestrian flow. By providing a designated and organized space, the system keeps entrances clear and improves overall traffic flow around subways. This makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone using Chengdu's public transportation network.


Industrial park in Shenzhen

Shenzhen Honor Technology Park can leverage our innovative automatic bicycle parking system to streamline employee commutes and create a more organized environment. This system efficiently stores bicycles at high speeds, perfectly matching the high volume of traffic during peak hours. This not only tackles the issue of random parking at the park's entrance, but also frees up valuable space for pedestrians and other vehicles. By encouraging cycling as a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation, our system directly supports the eco-conscious atmosphere often associated with science and technology parks.

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